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Our Story


AUM Remedies CBD

AUM Remedies was founded by the Zala family: Farah, Hiren, Ila and Me Zala. As CBD experts, we specialize in full spectrum CBD & CBG oil tinctures that are designed to be micro-dosed and sublingually administered. Our wellness brand is for beings suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, daily anxiety, stress, gut anomalies, abnormalities, digestive issues and blockages in energy channels (Chakras).

We take pride in our high quality, hemp-based oils, which combine the power of CBD & CBG with the healing properties of Ayurvedic medicine. AUM Remedies tinctures are:

  • Natural, plant based and vegan

  • Ayurvedic (we use healing & restorative ingredients such as turmeric, ashwagandha, haritaki and more)

  • Locally sourced from our home state of Illinois

  • Nonviolent and non-psychoactive


AUM Remedies provides energetically powered & created tinctures for your everyday life. Our CBD is formulated with love, science and the highest quality hemp & Ayurvedic extracts.

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Aum Remedies Cannabis Consulting

Everyone's health journey is different.


That's why AUM Remedies provides patient-centric consulting with attention to natural medicinal alternatives and sharing perspectives for your health issues.


Cannabis has been shown to have huge therapeutic benefits, in combinational consumption methods, attending to various pains, inflammations, discomforts and chronic immune suppressions, so we aim to educate consumers on using medical cannabis as a treatment solution.


Through our cannabis consulting and wellness treatments, we create an ambiance for individuals to feel confident, self empowered and consciously aware of their approach to a healthy lifestyle.


AUM Remedies is well educated in alternative medicinal solutions available in Illinois & globally and inspires each patient to customize their own therapy with the guidance of a cannabis consultant, doctors and dispensaries.